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What is Polished Concrete?
Polished concrete is a mechanical grinding & polishing process that utilizes industrial diamonds & impregnating hardeners and sealers to hone, densify, polish & finally seal the floor from within the interior of the floor surface.

Polished concrete is one of the most economical flooring options available. It’s popularity is leading the flooring market in many commercial facilities across the nation. From showrooms to industrial plants, government buildings to retail spaces, residential applications as well, polished concrete is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing, most versatile flooring solutions in the industry.

What is Diamond-Polishing?

Yes, there are actual diamonds involved. These diamonds are impregnated inside a metal- or resin-bonded segment. The size of the diamonds progressively increases through each step of the process as a densifier is applied throughout. When the diamond resin pads have done their work, the beautiful concrete is sealed to preserve it for the heavy wear & tear of years to come.

What is Metallic Epoxy Coating?

One of the hottest trends in decorative concrete floors are metallic coatings that allow you to “gild” your concrete in an array of glistening patinas. It is a combination of epoxies, and metallic pieces of various grades and sizes. This treatment is ideal for residential or commercial applications where you want to make your floors a focal point. The most common applications are retail stores, lobby areas, salons, living rooms, hotels, restaurants, and offices.





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